Grand Haven Master Association, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What does GHMA stand for?
A.    GHMA is the acronym for Grand Haven Master Association, Inc., which is the legal name of our homeowners association.

Q.    Who belongs to the GHMA?
A.    Every fee simple property owner in Grand Haven is a member of the GHMA and is required to pay assessments to the Master Association.

Q.    How much is the current assessment and what is it used for?
A.    The 2022 annual assessment is $150.00 per year. How the money is used is contained in the GHMA Budget.

Q.    What is the role and responsibility of the GHMA?
A.    The GHMA’s principal mission is to enforce the deed restrictions within Grand Haven.  These restrictions are known as our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  Every property owner should have been presented a set of the CC&Rs as part of their closing package by their sales agent or, if a resale, by the selling property owner.  In addition to the Master Association, the GHMA organization includes the Fine Committee and the Architectural Design Committee.

Q.    I do not have a copy of the CC&Rs.  How do I get a copy?
A.    You can contact Southern States Management Group, Inc. at 386-446-6333 or the property owner who sold you the property.

Q.    What recourse does the GHMA have with regard to property owners who do not observe the CC&Rs?
A.    Florida law has empowered homeowners associations to enforce CC&Rs by fines.  Our GHMA is complying with the required state statute procedures to enforce fines.  Fines imposed at Grand Haven can be as much as $100 per day up to a cumulative total of $1,000.  Failure to pay the fines subjects the owner to legal action and Florida law specifies that the prevailing party is entitled to all legal fees and expenses.  Home/property owners do have the right to appeal the imposed fines to the GHMA Fine Committee.

Q.    What process does the GHMA follow when CC&R violations occur?
A. Please review the GHMA Board Resolution “Updated Fining Procedures” located on the Governing Documents page of this website.

Q.    What about build out time violations?  What can be done about property owners who do not observe the individual village build out requirements?
A.    Failure to comply with build out requirements is now subject to the same fine system as CC&R violations described above.

Q.    Who is Southern States Management Group and what is their role in our community?
A.    Southern States Management Group (SSMG) is the community management company for GHMA, the Architectural Design Committee (ADC), Private Lawn Maintenance (PLM), River Club, Crossings and the Riverview Condominiums. The SSMG telephone number is (386) 446-6333. The facsimile number is (386) 446-1830.

The Community Manager for GHMA, PLM, River Club, and Crossings  is Troy Railsback at extension 307.

Landscape and Other Changes to the Exterior of your GHMA home or Lot should be facilitated through the ADC. For questions, comments and/or concerns regarding ADC, please contact Troy Railsback with SSMG at extension 307.

Q.    I don’t seem to have a copy of the ADC Specifications.  Where can I obtain a copy?
A.    You may access the guidelines in the Architectural Design Committee tab of this website.  You may also request a copy from Southern States Management Group at (386) 446-6333.

Q.    If I want to make changes to the exterior of my home or my property do I need to contact the Architectural Design Committee?
A.    Yes, ADC approval is required any time there is a change (color, landscape, driveway, fences, generators, etc.) to the exterior of your home or lot. Submissions received by the Wednesday prior to the meeting by 4:00 p.m. will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.  Owners/contractors will receive written notification of the committee’s decision within a week.

Q.    I have a tree on my property that I want to remove. Can I just cut it down?
A.    No, afraid not.   Same answer as above.

Q.    What is the rule regarding unimproved lot mowing?
A.    Unimproved lot mowing and maintenance is the full and complete responsibility of each individual lot owner.  The services of the GHMA may be enlisted for a pre-paid fee but at no time will any unimproved lot owner be relieved of his maintenance responsibility if mowing does not occur within the proscribed time limit. If you own a unimproved lot and have questions or require assistance, you may contact Southern States Management Group at (386) 446-6333 for assistance.  Failure to either perform unimproved lot mowing and maintenance or to reimburse the GHMA for its mowing services will result in legal action by the GHMA.

Q.    When can I water my yard?
A.    Please review St. Johns Water Management District
(agency responsible for water restrictions) website:
Watering Days/Restrictions


Q.    What are the current restrictions regarding parking on the street and on unimproved lots?
A.    Parking on the street is subject to the City of Palm Coast and Flagler County Ordinances which do not allow on street parking. The GHMA rules do not allow parking on unimproved lots, which are private property.  Parking on unimproved lots constitutes trespassing.  The streets in Grand Haven are the property of the Community Development District.  Periodically, the sheriff’s department may patrol the Grand Haven community and issue warnings and citations for parking violations. The Association has no jurisdiction over parking issues within the community.

Q.    Are commercial vehicles allowed to park on the streets or in the driveways overnight?
A.    Commercial vehicles with advertising may not be parked within public view overnight or on a regular basis.


Q.    What rules do we have about pets?
A.    Common household pets including dogs, cats, domestic birds and fish are allowed as long as they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose and provided they are not dangerous nor a nuisance to residents. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, waste must be picked up and there should be no prolonged barking. The City of Palm Coast Animal Control Officers police these infractions and offenders will be given a warning for the first offense and fined for subsequent offenses.  All violations may be reported to Animal Control at 986-2520 or to the Flagler County Humane Society at 445-1814.

Real Estate Signs

Q.    What about real estate signs? Can I install a For Sale or For Rent sign if I decide to sell/rent my home?
A.    Working together, the developer, Grand haven Realty, your GHMA Board and the ADC have eliminated the requirement for application and fee to the ADC to be able to place the approved Grand Haven "Available" sign for property owners in certain specified villages.  (Visit the Architectural Design tab of the website for the list of Villages and the sample approved sign.)  This means that property owners in villages in the highlighted column entitled "No Sign Without ADC Approval" now may place the approved Grand Haven "Available" sign on their property.  All other villages must adhere to their CC&R obligations as noted in the table below.  If any sign other than the Grand Haven approved "Available" sign appears on any of the properties in these certain specified villages without the express approval of the ADC, the property owner will be in violation and subject to the fine process. Signs may be purchased at Palm Coast Signs (386-445-2720) or at a vendor of your choosing.

Trash Collection

Q.    When is trash collected in Grand Haven?
A.    The City of Palm Coast has contracted with Waste Pro, Inc. as of January 2007 for waste collection.  Grand Haven trash collection is as follows:
Mondays and Thursdays:    Solid waste (garbage)                    Wednesdays:                    Yard waste
Thursdays:                       Recycle

Hours of pick up vary.

If you have questions or comments, call the City of Palm Coast Public Works Department at 986-2394 or 986-2360, or visit their website.